From April 1st 2014, BloomYoga Studio will be opening at 9 rue Thiers, Bayonne. This a *NEW* Vinyasa Yoga studio, offering daily classes for all levels, taught in both English and French. For more information, please head to

Everyone is welcome along to my yoga classes, it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced practitioner or have never done yoga before, I’m happy to cater for everyone’s level and experience. Life is ever-changing and moving, and is full of ups and downs, and yoga is a great way to stay centred and grounded and maintain your level-headedness throughout it all.

My yoga style has been influenced by various different styles of yoga that I have had the privilege to practice over the years gone by. I instruct a gentle-to-strong Vinyassa class, depending on your experience and fitness level. I recognise how sacred a student’s time is on the yoga mat, and for that reason I will shape the classes to suit whatever you are after; be it working through an injury, increasing flexibility, appeasing anxiety or stress, increasing self-esteem, or quietening the mind. Whatever your intention, I will work with you to help you achieve it. I am also a trained Kids’ Yoga teacher, and Pre-natal Yoga teacher.

Whether you’re a beginner, or have been practising yoga for 10 years, I like to use my classes to challenge and push the boundaries and limitations that you’ve set for yourself, with a gentle, ahimsa (non-violent) and loving approach. I aim to have all my students leave the class feeling relaxed, satisfied that they’ve challenged themselves mentally and/or physically, and have accomplished something that didn’t think they could beforehand.